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DIY Felt Floral Wreath

DIY Felt Floral Wreath


Hey Y'All!

This project was so much fun! I can't believe it actually ended up coming together. It's so much easier than I thought it would be! Whether you're making a wreath like this one or creating something else with felt flowers, I hope you have as much fun as I did!

Let's dive in!



Hula Hoop


Flower Wire optional

Wire Cutters optional

Spray Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue

Fabric Shears  

Pom Poms optional


First, you will need to decide how big of a wreath you are going to make! All the other tutorials I found weren't big enough so I improvised with spray painting a hula hoop instead! I also had to make a couple "jumbo" sized flowers to make the scale of everything look the way I wanted which meant I needed more felt in certain colors. Once you have a game plan and get your supplies it's time to get crafty!


Felt Peony


Cut pieces of Felt in a variety of three sizes. Don't be too precise! Nature's imperfections are what make things found in nature so beautiful! 

Here is an example of the difference in size and shape of the three different petals.  

Here is an example of the difference in size and shape of the three different petals.  


First of all, Excuse the rough manicure! Ha Onceyou've ignored my horrible nails, start with attaching a small pillow to the floral wire.  


Pinch and Glue!  


Continue to pinch and Glue and fold the flowers into place. For the larger pieces I occasionally made a vertical slit on the petal, folded the slit ends, and glued together. This created a cupped shape that became easier to place. 


Viola!!! You now have a Peony! This Jumbo sized flower took four sheets of blush colored Felt.  


Felt Anemone


Anemones are some of my favorite flowers so I had to include it in the wreath! You'll need 8 or 9 petals, 1 pom pom ball, 1 rectangle that you will cut 80% of the way down for a fringe effect. You can also cover the backside with green as shown here. 


Layer the Petals and finish with green seal. 


Hot glue the edge of the rectangle that is not fringed. Roll tightly!


Fan open


Apply the black fringe and finish with black pom pom!  



Get Creative and start making greenery or other flower types! Just try things and use nature as inspo! 


I created the rest of my pieces while my hula hoop was drying! I chose a metallic gold so that it would have the appearance of metal. 


Once everything is prepared and dry it's time to apply and finish!! I looked at wreath inspiration to figure out how I liked my flowers and greenery to sit!


Lastly, hang and enjoy!! 


Thanks for crafting with me! I hope you have fun on your next project! 




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