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First Trimester Favorites

First Trimester Favorites

Hi everyone! Today I am recapping all of my first trimester favorites. Nausea, fatigue, pregnancy brain, sore tatas, It's so REAL! Here were the little things that helped me feel closer to my normal self. I also included a few more personal tips that helped make the first phase more manageable for me, my husband Drew, and baby ;)


Must Have Products!

Sea bands, Gin Gin's, Preggie Pops, all helped soothe my tummy and got me through my work days. Teavana fruity iced teas also helped with nausea and were a saving grace for me! I had frequent headaches and very intense sense of smell but lavender oil, peppermint oil, helped with both! Garden of life Pre-natal vitamins WITH THE CLEAR CAPSULE; this is so important because it's already hard to eat, let alone swallow a big horse pill.




Fresh Fruit in the morning. String cheese for a snack. Gluten Free Toast. Organic Vitamin D Milk before bed (chocolate was preferred ha). Any organic clean protein that sounds good, mine was red meat non stop. Avocado with salt. Walnuts, pecans and cashews. Noosa Yoghurt (so good!). Any greens that sounded good at the time, my favorites were broccoli, peas, and salads. 




Long sleeve tunics and leggings. Comfy sandals and cute kicks. A good tv series (I watched Big Little Lies, SO GOOD). A good book (I started re-reading Harry Potter, gets me in the childhood mindset and mostly because it's bomb.) Quality Snuggle time with Drew and the pups. Early Bed time, even if I couldn't sleep i made my way into bed as early as possible to rest. Lots of "thank you's" and communication. I always told my spouse when it was a good day or a bad day emotionally or physically and always told him thank you when he made dinner or brought breakfast. I tried to give back to him in the ways I could by making a dinner or giving him a back massage etc. I want him to feel a part of the process and feel gratitude! Pregnancy Meditation Podcasts and lots of Prayer were other things I relied on for peace of mind and calming pregnancy anxiety. 


Hopefully this helps you or a friend! We're all in this together and every little bit of support helps each of us! Thank you for reading! 




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