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How to: Shop like a Boss

How to: Shop like a Boss



We've all had those times where....

1. We go into our closet and think, "I have nothing to wear!" even though we are staring at a overflowing closet. 

2. We are SO in the mood to shop and then once we start trying things on we are just NOT feeling it. 

3. We put on that same item in our closet day after day because it's "so comfortable"

4. We know we have a cute item in our closet but every time we put it on we end up putting it back on the hanger and wearing something else instead. 


I'm going to teach you how to get out of these problems and learn how to Shop like a Boss!




When shopping for a new season, or a closet update, create a color theme. A Color theme is a personalized color palette that compliment each other and can be worn together. It should include a couple neutrals as well! Is it warm? cool? bright? deep? come up with a clear thought of how you want to approach the season/update. This will help you feel like you have so many things to wear! all of it will compliment each other and go together so instead of having tons of confusing pieces, you will have a wardrobe with endless combinations! 



Know your BODY TYPE

Know your body type and avoid trying on thing after thing with no success! Often we are attracted to things that fit the opposite body type and we waste time trying to make it work for us. Our body image then drops, we stop having fun with clothes, and we shut down. Know your body type and shop for your body type! as you embrace styles that compliment you you will start appreciating your assets and have fun highlighting them!! Enhance something with pattern, fabric volume, and color! Diminish something with dark and simple pieces. 




We all fall in to dressing in what's "comfortable" but comfort is relative! First, you need to know your wardrobe irritations. Is it a high neck? a rough fabric? tight on the arms? a skinny heel? You might find things you love but each of us have certain things that just bug!!! DO NOT continue buying them. they will go in your closet and never be worn, Second by shopping true to your lifestyle and personality you will feel comfortable in the styles you choose! Fun? Daring? Classic? Athletic? the more you can relate your inside to your outside the more "comfortable" you will feel.


Some of you will be able to take this guide and RUN! Others may have a hard time identifying their body type, personal style, and comfort type. If this is you I can help! Email for a Custom Style Profile. We will  identify your personal style, body type, comfort type, and create a personalized color palette unique to you! You can also fill out the contact form in the type portion of


Go forward, Be Confident. Have Fun. and SHOP LIKE A BOSS!



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