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A letter to my Angel

A letter to my Angel

My Angel,

It’s true that time heals, but what most people won’t tell you is that time also creates a different kind of pain.


Yes, the time that has passed since I lost you has healed the physical pain. It has created a healing in acceptance of what happened. But the time that’s passed has also done something else. It has created even more space between us. It has made me feel so far away from you.

The more time that’s passed has made the brief time we had seem fuzzier...less tangible somehow. The memory of our time together is slipping from me the same way you did. My heart is frozen still, not wanting to move forward without you.

So before I forget the joy you brought us I want you to know that you were such a bright light. The excitement, fulfillment, and love you brought to me were nothing short of heaven sent. I know you were only mine just short of a couple months, but you will be with me the rest of my life.

To never meet you, never see you grow, just leaves a unfinished story resting on my heart. It’s a story that I treasure, at times one I want to tuck out of sight, but also one I never want to forget.

My little angel, thank you for blessing our lives. Thank you for drawing your daddy and I even closer with your appearance and then closer still through your absence. We loved you so much.....We love you so much.


Caramel Crumble Apple Gallette

Caramel Crumble Apple Gallette