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Stripes and Self Love

Stripes and Self Love

Happy New Year everyone! So to kick this month off I’ll be posting resolutions along with Style Inspo.  Fun right?!

My first resolution is more about the way I approach my resolutions than an actual goal. I want to commit to make small strides towards my goals every day, and in those strides being patient with myself in the process.

 New Year’s can get intoxicating, seeing everyone’s goals and constant updates on social media. “You think I can take on the world! I can lose 100 lbs, become a millionaire and live clutter free in no time!” Then February 1 rolls around, and slowly you start to feel like you can never reach your goals.  You can start doubting yourself, and even worse, you can start thinking “I’m not enough.”

Instead of living in this vicious cycle my first resolution is to be patient with myself. I want to achieve my goals, but I don’t want to make myself feel like a failure if I don’t reach those goals in a month’s time.  It’s a form of self love that I rarely give, to be patient with my own progress, to be proud of my own speed.

For example:

I am eight weeks postpartum and on the beginning of my fitness journey. Instead of doing some high instensity cleanse, hitting the weights every day,  or trying some desperate fad diet,  I am making it a point to set daily achievable goals. As a new mother of a sweet baby girl this is so important to me. I want her to have role models that show her how to honor her body. If I want her to have those role models in her life I need to face the facts that I am her biggest example as a woman and do the things for myself that I hope for her to value. I am going to commit to doing some form of exercise every day. Even if it’s five minutes, I am five minutes better for it. Instead of setting a time limit on those workouts I’m going to commit to doing something for my physical health every single day. 

 Another example is this blog. I started it as an outlet for myself. I had always wanted to start a blog, but when I moved to a new state at eight months pregnant I realized how important it was for me to have something where I could creatively express My interests. Not a career, not a job, I already have one I love.  I wanted to do something that could be fun for me and my new family!  The popularity and the tempo it thrives in is not the goal.  The goal is to share my story as well as connect with others through this phase of my life. I am going to commit to giving myself the time to express myself creatively at least once a week while being patient with myself and my own process.

This is the only way to enjoy hobbies and have a breath verses adding pressure to things that should be fun and spontaneous. I realized that few things in life are spontaneous, but that might also be because I’ve always been an overachiever and haven’t allowed myself to have fun in the journey as often as I should. I’ve always been too concerned with doing as much as I can, as perfect as I can, as fast as I can. This year it’s about patience, growth, self love, and enjoying the journey. 


Ray Ban Sunnies; Goodnight Macaroo Sweater  


Just Black Denim; Ted Baker Bag


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