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Then Comes Baby

Then Comes Baby


One of my biggest fears having a baby was how my marriage would change. I liked how Drew and I were. We had really found our stride with marriage and worked out the newlywed kinks. Our Marriage had become better than I could ever imagine marriage to be, and now I wondered if we were about to turn all of it upside down with adding a little one.

Fast forward two months and our marriage has changed so much already. No longer do  we have “glamorous romance”. We have all the things people told us about: chaos, diapers, burp rags and sleep deprivation. We also have things people didn’t tell us we would have. Our level of intimacy has grown deep. Our partnership has become a well oiled machine. Our opportunities for daily humor have majorly increased. No, it’s not our most glamorous time in marriage but it’s the most meaningful time in marriage.


We are now much quicker to forgive each other when we’re frustrated. We are quick to encourage one another in our new roles. Every second we get where it’s just us two is so much more valuable now. Kisses aren’t as often but when they do come around they are far more special than before. 

Marriage after Baby is the revelation of where you truly are in your relationship. You are exhausted and emotional and exposed to your partner in totally new ways. Every situation faced is more stressful than before and the way you choose to treat eachother in the stressful times is even more important!

More than ever the health of our marriage is a choice. We can’t choose what life throws at us (in my current case it’s poopy diapers or projectile spit up) but we can choose to have a great marriage. With every word, response,  and action it either nurtures or deprives, and after Baby it’s so important to build your partner up. 

Marriage after Baby is showing us what real love looks like, and I’m enjoying the view. 



Mr. And Mrs. Hackett


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